It’s Not Made in China: Movement Towards Domestically Made Products

Does it seem like everything you buy is made in China? Although sources try to minimalize our reliance on foreign and Chinese made goods by stating that only 3% of what you buy is made in China, after housing, food, insurance, car payments, debt payments, and other necessary monthly expenses are paid for, most Americans rarely have 3% of what they earn left. Even if you were to save 15% of your income after the above mentioned expenses, that would equate to 20% of what you buy with that remaining amount coming from China.

Considering America has an economy that is $15 trillion annually, 3% amounts to a hefty $450 billion! If what Americans bought from China was a country, it would be the world’s 31st largest economy and would bring in more than the entire economies of the Philippines, Belgium, Venezuela, Sweden, Hong Kong, Ireland, and over 100 others.

Due to the large amount of products sold in America from China, many consumers are actively seeking out products not produced there, and especially those produced domestically. This movement is known by several names including the ‘Buy American’ movement.

Proudly Not Made In China ( is a Los Angeles based organization that is committed to assisting American consumers find products that were not manufactured in China. Shoppers can also find a variety of locally manufactured goods in a wide variety of categories. The site launched their BETA version this past April.

The products listed on PNMIC are submitted by users. Users can easily upload products to the site that are not made in China for free. The emergence of new businesses and organizations like PNMIC is a clear sign that the movement will continue to grow and pick up momentum.

What’s So Bad About China?

The movement is not meant as a protest against China, but support for the American economy and for health and safety concerns. Work conditions in many foreign countries are not regulated and inspected up to the level of most American manufacturers. The emission standards of China are starting to change, but the current level of emissions is dangerously high and harming their citizens and the environment.

What Will the Movement Accomplish?

The movement to buy more American made products won’t put China out of business, but it will help support American manufacturing and possibly bring back some of the companies and production that used to exist years before companies started to outsource their operations overseas. Do the American economy a favor and buy domestically when possible.


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