Most Under-Celebrated Real Old West Gunslinger

Why Frank Eaton Deserves More Respect

Frank Eaton Face


The brutal outlaws and killers from the Old West era are celebrated as a significant piece of American history. When we think of the Old West, we think of gun slinging outlaws. The names that come to mind are Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy. A name that you don’t usually find on that list, but one that should be mentioned with the significant men of that era is Frank Eaton.

Frank Eaton is better known as Pistol Pete. Eaton lived to be 97 years old and became much more than an Old West lawman and gunslinger. Aside from being a famous gunslinger, Eaton was an author, cowboy, scout, Indian fighter, and a Deputy U.S. Marshal.

Frank endured something that could turn most good men evil. He witnessed his own father’s murder at the hands of 6 outlaws. As Frank sought out his revenge on his father’s killers, he became a Deputy U.S. Marshal at the age of only 17. By the age of 21 he had gunned down all 6 of the outlaws that were a part of his father’s untimely death.

In the Old West Lawman’s Forgotten Memoir, Frank’s life and story is presented in great detail. The memoirs state that Eaton had a right crossed eye, which is why he chose to learn how to shoot from the hip. The memoirs also cover the full story of how he tracked down his father’s killers. Eaton was given the nickname Pistol Pete at the age of 15 by a family friend for his ability to shoot the head off of a snake with either hand.

There are a lot of interesting stories and people from the Old West, but none quite as interesting and overlooked as Frank Eaton. Although he may not have a name made famous by Hollywood, Pistol Pete deserves respect.

For more information on Pistol Pete and his story, visit


Old West Lawman’s Forgotten Memoir



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