Do You F*cking Love Art? Startup Company Does!

Young Startup Companies

Interview with CEO Charles Banewitz


Many common practices, occupations, and artistic forms have changed in the past century. Many of these changes can be directly attributed to the creation and popularity of the Internet. The arts have been impacted significantly in several ways. Graphic design and web design are now recognized as art forms and their popularity rivals that of painting, drawing, and other forms of art due to the ability to conduct these types of arts through a computer, which was impossible just a few decades ago.

What has not changed is the love of art. There is a new generation of art lovers, and although they’re not as ‘traditional’ as past generations of art lovers, they are passionate.

I am a passionate art lover, but my tastes are much different than that of my parents or the rest of the baby boomer generation. As part of my…

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