Do You Have a Repellent Pitch?

Pitching Greatness

Repellent Pitch

How to know if you are coming off too strong

An overly aggressive pitch can have the same effect as trying to kiss someone with bad breath.  Not only does your audience back up, they often turn away and you lose any potential interest that they may have had if your pitch was delivered more delicately.

Unlike bad breath, a repellent pitch needs more than a breath mint to fix.  Here is how to know if you have a repellent pitch.

How to Know

A true friend will tell you when you need to freshen up your breath or tone down your pitch, but a stranger may just turn and walk away into the abyss.  Figuring out the offensiveness of your pitch before you start is the key to avoid losing future potential customers.  Here are four ways you can detect if your pitch is as repellent as bug spray:

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