Pitching Through Rejection; The Adjustment Close

Pitching Greatness

Overcoming Objections for Sales, Referrals, and Contacts

Pitching Through Objections

All of us know someone who no matter what they are told, never give up.  It may be a stubborn parent or grandparent that we know, or a desperate guy at the bar who will not take no for an answer during his attempts at picking up a date.  Although continuing an aggressive approach after being told no is not a good strategy, giving up after a prospect seems the least bit disinterested is just as bad a practice.  This article will look at the types of objections, adjusting your pitch, and how to overcome those rejections to attempt to gain a sale, referral, or a new and valuable contact.

Types of Objections

Before going into specific objections and how an objection can come in many different forms, it is important to note that your approach (your pitch) has a large impact on…

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