Why Knot? Benefits of Teaching a Child How to Tie a Tie






As someone who attends countless conferences, seminars, and business related meetings, I am expected to dress professionally while representing my company and myself with class and style. With over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and the corporate world, I somehow have still not mastered the skill of tying my own tie.


Whether from the frustration of failing over and over or laziness of learning a new skill because I am dependent on technology and other people to fix all of my problems, my lack of being able to tie my own tie is quite embarrassing. I can write a 50 page business plan, deliver an hour long presentation, and write in-depth articles, but cannot master a piece of fancy fabric.


After watching an endless supply of YouTube instructional videos and trying to read how-to blog posts on tying ties, I have decided to turn to a children’s book to gain another skill and finally relieve myself of the worries that come from asking my wife to tie my ties for me before every conference and meeting I attend.


I am turning to the book ‘Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox.’ I must be honest, although I am not ashamed to learn from children’s books because they explain how to accomplish things in a language that anyone can understand and follow along with – this is a skill that I want to learn not just for myself, but to pass down to my future children.


Why Does it Matter?


In my situation specifically, being able to tie a tie matters because it is a specific pain point in my professional and personal life. Why this is important to a child is not solely to prevent reaching my level of frustration and embarrassment about not being able to accomplish a simple task, but because this is a useful skill that uses their brain and gives them a sense of accomplishment.


Technology and enhanced solutions to common everyday problems is at such an advanced level that we often forget how to do the simplest things in life. I don’t even know my wife’s cellphone number due to my reliance on my smartphone’s contact list. Why think when someone else or a piece of technology can do it for you?


I refuse to accept the fate that technology will run my future children’s lives. I may be fighting a losing battle, but it is important to learn new skills and solve problems without relying on technological advances. Technology cannot replace the joy I feel from cooking a meal from scratch or successfully navigating my way to a place that I had never been to before. A GPS may help me get somewhere, but it doesn’t help me give directions to someone without a GPS who is late to an important event or meeting.




There are many benefits of teaching a child how to tie a tie. Here are several benefits:


-Quality time spent teaching a child a new skill


-Confidence gained from learning a new skill


-Useful skill they will have for the rest of their life


-Something to share and help other children with


Take it from me, this is an important skill that will benefit any child, man or woman. I cannot tell you how many concerts, conferences, performances, and other events that the person who can tie the best tie is the most popular person in the room.




It may seem like I am against all of the great inventions that people have developed over the past several decades. We are relying too much on technology, but there are very clear benefits and they have improved our lives. For our own sakes, and our children’s sakes, let’s not forget the joy and importance of the simple things in life and using our brains to accomplish tasks.


I am not going to let a computer raise my child, and I want to teach them how to tie a tie, not have them learn from a computer program or rely on someone else as I have. I am looking forward to this new skill and will keep a copy of ‘Learn To Tie A Tie With A Rabbit And A Fox’ around for the day that I have children of my own.




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