Online Fundraising for Nonprofits; Why Create a Cause on Dibbee?

Published here:

Why create a cause on Dibbee ? It sounds cliché, but why not!?

A more detailed and educated response is – you should create a cause on Dibbee because it helps you raise more donations for the schools, churches and/or non-profits that you believe in and love. Is there any reason that you would not want to help do more to help the organizations you care about?

I have worked in the non-profit industry for several years through the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO). As someone who cares about a nonprofit that does a lot of good, I am always on the lookout for something to help with fundraising. We work on acquiring sponsorships, making new partners, searching for grants, and asking for our supporters to donate. Something we haven’t done yet, is to find an effective way to collect money, a problem that Dibbee addresses head on.

I now plan on utilizing Dibbee to help students raise money that they need to attend our National CEO Conference. This tool will allow more students to attend and for us to provide a better event to a large group of motivated students. Check out the cause I created for CEO here.

Whether you want to fundraise for donations in person, online, or both, Dibbee is a great choice for all of your fundraising efforts, or a great supplement to what you are already doing. Instead of keeping 40-50% of the profits like most fundraisers, Dibbee wants you to raise more and keep more.



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