Why is Fundraising Important for Children to Experience?

Why is Fundraising Important for Children to Experience?

There are not a lot of things from my school days that I remember.  I remember things like field trips, good teachers, sports played during gym class, and doing school fundraisers.


My most vivid memory from school fundraising takes me back to a long walk up a neighbor’s stairs carrying a booklet full of bad wrapping paper designs that was followed by a nervous sales pitch on why my class was trying to raise money and why this neighbor should buy something.  I actually made the sale, and I don’t think it was because of what I was selling.

I was shy, quiet, and had no clue what I was doing.  Thankfully, most people don’t expect young children to have sales skills and don’t really care about what products are in the sales booklet.  I made several sales, and couldn’t have been more proud of myself.


Fundraising teaches many important lessons to kids.  Primarily, it teaches why it is important to help others.  Although the children are on the receiving end of these transactions, being able to explain to the child why the people gave to them will help them to understand that they should give to worthy causes in the future.  I applaud parents who have their children put a dollar in a Salvation Army bucket around Christmas time.  This lesson not only helps those who are less fortunate, it sets the child up for a bright future, and the world for a brighter future.


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Why is Fundraising Important for Children to Experience?


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