Undraftable Running Backs; 2013 NFL RB Fantasy Football Players Not to Draft

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There is nothing more frustrating in fantasy football than selecting a highly rated running back only to have them not perform anywhere near expectations or suffering an injury that takes them out for the year. There were several major disappointments last season at the running back position, and I plan on helping you not make those mistakes in 2013.

– Willis McGahee – RB Denver Broncos
Willis McGahee was having a good but not great season before an injury opened the door for Knowshon Moreno. McGahee averaged 4.4 yards per carry and finished the regular season with 731 yards rushing, 4 touchdowns and 5 fumbles. Not only is he recovering from injuries, he is 31 and unreliable as a fantasy starter. Stay away from McGahee unless he is available at the end of your draft and you desperately need help at running back.

– Darren McFadden – RB Oakland Raiders
I think it is finally time to give up on Darren McFadden as an elite running back. In 2012, McFadden averaged a career worst 3.3 yards per carry and gained just 707 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns. In five seasons he has not been able to stay healthy in any year and has missed 23 games total. Don’t rely on McFadden to produce for your fantasy team this season.

– Ryan Mathews – RB San Diego Chargers
I think this is the year that nearly all fantasy owners will finally jump off of the Ryan Mathews bandwagon. He is still young at 25, but Mathews had a third disappointing year in a row with 707 yards rushing and only 1 touchdown. The Chargers were 27th in rushing and although there are not many other running backs on the roster that look ready to take over the lead role, Mathews doesn’t look dedicated or good enough to lead the Chargers or your fantasy team.

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