Ticket Stubs Meet Baseball Cards

Ticket Stubs Meet Baseball Cards by Michael Luchies

For years baseball cards have dominated the sports collectibles market. Over the last decade it seems as though baseball cards have taken a back seat to authentic memorabilia such as autographs and game used items. The baseball card market has been saturated by the large amount of card companies and the high rate of people who hold on to the cards, thus diminishing scarcity and value. There is still a large dedicated collector base behind baseball cards that keeps the hobby alive, but it seems like a slowly disappearing industry.

Ticket stubs on the other hand have been rising in popularity. Ticket stubs have been around for over 100 years, but have not been regarded as a mainstream collectible until recently. Tickets are rare, collectible, and have a nostalgic existence to an event, team, and players that baseball cards could never have. A ticket links you to a particular event and the happenings in that event.

Baseball cards and ticket stubs have been separate entities until recently. In the past few years baseball cards and ticket stubs have finally joined forces. Combining the collectibility of baseball cards and authenticity and rarity of ticket stubs makes for a very exciting product for sports fans and collectors. Both products are keeping their unique properties while gaining the positives of the other. Here are how each product have adapted the other;

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