Christmas Gifts Under 25 Cents!

Christmas Gifts Under 25 Cents by Michael Luchies

Times are rough my friends. As the broke get broker, the thrifty must get thriftier (It’s a word I googled it). Forget the $15 secret santa gifts, and expensive jewelry for your loved ones. It’s time to cut costs, and Christmas is not a cheap Holiday. Here are several suggestions for Christmas presents for 25 cents or less.

Pack of Ramen Noodles

What could be more thoughtful than a pack of Ramen Noodles? Ramen Noodles have a wide variety including; chicken, beef, roast beef, shrimp, curry chicken, creamy chicken, and more. With this cheap and unhealthy meal you can save your loved one several dollars giving them this cheap meal instead of having them purchase a real meal for much more.

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