NFL Driving Fans Away; Officiating and Management Frustrating Fans

NFL Driving Fans Away; Officiating and Management Frustrating Fans by Michael Luchies

More than ever fans are being driven away from the NFL. This trend cannot be attributed to one factor, but many. The economy, bad officiating, new rules, ticket prices, the economy, and other factors all lead to the NFL losing fans. The NFL is still America’s biggest sport, but for how long if things get worse? Here are many of the contributing issues that have NFL fans saying “no thanks.”

Bad Officiating

Has there ever been a year with more blown calls than this year? We are seeing more and more calls that greatly affect the outcome of the game. The catch is that these calls are happening even in an era where instant replay is present. Let’s look at the Hochuli call in the Chargers/Broncos game. Jay Cutler was attempting to throw the ball when the ball slipped out of his hand prior to his arm moving forward.

The ball came out of his hand, landed behind him, and was recovered by the Chargers who had the lead and would have had the game sealed. Because of Ed Hochuli blowing the play dead, the Broncos kept the ball, scored and went on to win the game. The fault of this is not Hochuli who is a great referee and simply blew his whistle early; it is the NFL’s fault for not being able to change a call that was blown dead when needed. It was obvious to everyone at the game and watching the game on television that the play resulted in a fumble.

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