Site Updates and Changes Coming

Upcoming changes are coming to sports ticket website New products, pages, articles, and more changes will be added to by December 1st of 2008. Due to a raise in competitors and a wide number of unreached customers, I felt drastic changes were needed to improve the state of the company. Another change to the website will be the increase of free information to potential customers. Weekly appraisals will be given for free and listed on the website for anyone to see. Ticket stub appraisals are a free service that has been given to most of those who have requested by e-mail at A toll free 800 number will also be given to provide customers an easier and free way to reach

Holiday season is coming and so are discounts from many if not most of online retailers. will offer 10% refund of all orders made from November 15th-December 25th. Look for giveaways in December of Music City Bowl tickets and more as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary in January.

I am appreciative of every visitor to and strive to give the best experience and information to every potential customer.


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