McCain Goes Out With Class

McCain goes out with class by Michael luchies

I have never liked John McCain. I had seen his angry side, his sneaky side and his apparent cocky side. I am an independent and vote solely on issues that concern me and my family such as healthcare, education, national safety, and the state of the economy. I voted in the Michigan primary on the Republican ticket for Mitt Romney due to his views on taxation. I voted for Barack Obama for president due to his views on universal healthcare which I strongly support.

I knew John McCain as a war hero, a dedicated American, but could not overlook certain fears I had about McCain. I did not think McCain would be another George W. Bush…there can only be 1 George W. Bush and hopefully there will never be another one. I did not know a sincere and gracious John McCain that I saw on Tuesday night of November 4th, 2008. Read the rest here


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