Detroit Lions/Washington Redskins NFL Ticket Giveaway

Visit to enter is hosting a contest for 2 free tickets to the Detroit Lions vs. Washington Redskins game thins sunday (10/26/2008). The tickets are lower level and are only 7 rows from the field.

Here are the details:

-Visit and follow the e-mail link to submit an entry. Your entry is simply “Why should I receive free tickets to the Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions NFL game”. Best entry wins. The entry can be heartwarming (taking a kid to his first NFL game) to funny (going to wear a bag over my head). Submissions should be mailed immediately but will be accepted until 10 p.m. EST on Saturday 10/25. The winners submission will be put on the front page of

– 2 tickets will be e-mailed to the winner saturday night at 11 p.m. EST. Due to the timing of this contest, we are not able to send the hard tickets to you in time. Since knows the value of having ticket stubs from games you have attended, we will mail the unused hard tickets from the game to you after the event. You will have to print out the tickets that you receive in the e-mail and bring them to the game.

– No purchase necessary, visit to enter.

Good luck


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