Is Soulja Boy Stealing Dance Moves? “Birdwalk” looks like Jallen Ransum’s “Money Dance”

Is Soulja Boy stealing dance moves?  Read the article here by Michael Luchies

Recent rumors have been swirling in the hip hop community that artist Soulja Boy has copied his dance from another rap artist. Soulja Boy’s new single “Birdwalk” has been said to be an almost direct copy of Peoria, Illinois artist Jallen Ransum’s “Money Dance”. I had recently purchase a CD put out by Jallen Ransum (since recently moving to Peoria, Illinois I have been trying to find the best local artists). While looking for new songs information on Ransum I stumbled upon a couple posts and videos that suggested a link between the “Money Dance” and Soulja Boy’s “Birdwalk”. I have searched through many online videos and posts to compare the two dances and from what I can see there are strong similarities in the two dances. To an untrained eye (such as my own) I would think that this could possibly be a coincidence, but others don’t agree with me.

I met up with Jallen Ransum and he agreed to answer a few questions. Here is a brief summary of the interview I had with Ransum

Do you think Soldier boy copied the moves from Money Dance?
“Without a doubt Soulja Boy copied the moves from the money dance. I mean any person can look at my original money dance video (from 2006 mind you) and see the dances are exactly the same.”Read the Rest here


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