NFL Week 4 Fantasy Football Free Agent & Waiver Wire Picks

Week 3 was huge for unknown and low value players that had huge weeks and may be big for the rest of the season. There is no way I could limit the free agent pickups to only 5 this week so I will give you 10. Week 4 is the start of bye weeks. New York Giants, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and the Seattle Seahawks all have the week off. Several players listed may be on teams that have the week off, so only grab them if you have empty spots on your bench after filling all the starting spots for week 4. Listed in the top 10 are players that may fill your empty positions. Every week is important, make sure to have a potential point producer in every starting fantasy position. There are no repeats from last week, a whole set of new pickups, players may lose and gain value throughout the season and may re-appear in the waiver wire list.

Week 4 Top 10 Waiver Wire Pickups

#10. Trent Green- Rams QB
Only pickup Green if your starting QB is on a bye week and your league either starts 2 QB’s on each team, or any other decent option is taken. The Rams are bad, but Green could have a few decent plays and some dump off passes to Stephen Jackson. Trent Green is the starter in St. Louis against the Bills for week 4.

#9. Kyle Orton- Bears QB
Orton went for 260+ yards and 2 touchdowns against the Bucs in week 3. The Bears finally have a wide receiver who is stepping up and catching passes (he is further down on this list) and Orton looks playable. I would start Orton over Trent Green, Garrard, Frerotte, Matt Ryan etc. for week 4 if you need a backup or a bye week replacement. Orton should put up ok numbers against Philly.

#8. Hank Baskett- Eagles WR
The only reason Baskett is way back here at #8 is due to the high number of solid receivers on the Eagles roster. In week 3 against the Steelers Baskett looked like McNabb’s favorite receiver hauling in 8 receptions. Baskett would make a good bye week replacement especially in weeks 6, 8, and 9. Grab him now if you have room.

#7. Rudi Johnson- Lions RB
The Lions finally decided to give Johnson a shot and he came through. On only 14 carries Johnson had 83 yards rushing and 48 yards receiving on 3 catches. Too bad the Lions are awful, but Johnson may still be worth a look. Rudi should get all of the Lions redzone carries (if they make it in the redzone). Keep your eye on Rudi, he is owned in 40% of yahoo leagues.

#6. Brandon Lloyd- Bears RB
With 124 yards receiving against the Bucs in week 2, Lloyd solidified himself as the Bears #1 receiver. Lloyd hauled in a touchdown along with 6 grabs in week 3. Kyle Orton looks on target, and Lloyd looks even better. If you are looking for #1 receivers to replace bye week receivers, Lloyd is your man.Read the Rest here


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