NFL Coaches that will be Fired in 2008

Here are 6 NFL coaches that will be fired in 2008- by Michael Luchies


Three weeks are in the books and there have been surprises both good and bad. Several teams like the Bills and Ravens have had better than expected starts to the season, and then we have these teams that have had terrible starts to the season. Week 4 may be too early to declare a team dead and out of it, but it’s not to early to start talking about coaches whose jobs are in jeopardy. Here are several coaches that will most likely not be living in the same city come 2009.

Coaches that are likely to be fired in 2008:

Rod Marinelli- Detroit Lions
0-3 and 113 points allowed in 3 games! Losses to the Falcons and the 49ers are completely unacceptable. You know things are bad when the biggest comeback in team history (21 point defecit made up week 2 against the Packers) ends in a loss by 23 points! Even I have been in denial about the Lions inability to play football. Last week I still had hope of them making a run at the playoffs and is why I published “The Detroit Lions will make the 2008 NFL playoffs; 10 reasons why”. I am not only over my ignorance, I now believe that Marinelli cannot save his job, and hopefully neither can Matt Millen. Rod Marinelli will be fired in 2008.

Romeo Crennel- Cleveland Browns
How could a coach one year removed from a 10-6 season get fired? How about going 0-3 and showing no life in any of the games. The Browns look hopeless thus far. The running game is awful, Derek Anderson looks like we thought he would when he took over last year, and Braylon Edwards has turned into a stick of butter letting every pass slip through his hands. Crennel is a good coach, but does not have the team to compete and has seemingly lost his team. The Browns season is over, and Crennel’s reign in Cleveland may be over as well.   Read the Rest Here


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