Javon Ringer for Heisman

Read Javon Ringer for Heisman by Michael Luchies

Here is an a section from the article:

Advantages and Disadvantages in the Heisman Chase
Carries & Teams Commitment to the Run: Tailbacks such as UConn’s Ronald Brown and Oklahoma States’ Kendall Hunter have had better than expected starts to their season. Along with Ringer, all three backs are on solid but not great teams that do rely heavily on their backs. Due to the struggling passing attack at Michigan State, Ringer will get as many carries as he can handle. In Georgia Knowshon Moreno will never get 40 carries in a game due to the strength of their passing game. Ringer has 245 more rushing yards than does Moreno, and that difference seems like it will only increase. Due to MSU’s dependence on the run, Ringer has an advantage over almost any back in the nation.
Overall Package:Patience, speed agility, and strength. Ringer Works on his legs more than arms, and knows what he needs to do on every play
Stamina: In the last three games Ringer has had 34, 43, and 39 carries(not to mention 9 TD’s in these three games). Ringer himself declares that the more carries he gets in a game the stronger he gets throughout the contest. He never seems to tire! He is ready play after play and can carry the ball on almost every down.
Modesty: Not a glamorous back who showboats, blue collared skilled running back who comes to work, does his job, thanks his co-workers, and goes home to prepare for the next day.
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