Managing a Stock Portfolio for Beginners

Read- Managing a Stock Portfolio (online) for Beginners by Michael Luchies

This article on how to manage a stock portfolio for beginners contains; research tips, important points in managing a portfolio, rules to trade by, recommended online brokers, and a checklist to follow for beginning investors at the end of the article. – Many investors choose to have a financial advisor to handle their stock and investment portfolio. As a financial advisor in training I would agree to this statement only because I would want your business. No investor needs a financial advisor. If you have over a hundred thousand dollars and would like to get involved in investing you should definitely seek some professional advice to protect your money. If you are an average working man/woman then you should try investing on your own. Anyone over the age of 18 can trade stock, and should. I have learned many valuable lessons (such as patience) through investing. Anyone can manage a stock portfolio. Anyone can drive a car also, but it doesn’t mean you won’t hit a tree or slide off of the road every once in a while. Successful investing takes discipline, skill, money, and lots and lots of research.

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