Olympics;Gold Or Overall Medals Determine Winner? New Formula to Decide Games Champion

There is no overall winner of the Olympics. Individual performances are rewarded with medals of broze, silver, and gold but no reward goes to the winner of the games. Every several years the Olympics grab the attention of the world and especially the media. Several websites keep updated medal count meters on their frontpage. Yahoo.com has a medal count showing the top three countries in overall medals. Question: What is should decide the winner, the most medals, or the most gold medals? The people and media want a winner so I will give them a formula to decide the winner of the games. Here is the formula to decide the winner of every Olympics:

see the formula and read the full article here


2 thoughts on “Olympics;Gold Or Overall Medals Determine Winner? New Formula to Decide Games Champion

  1. The entire world (aside from a few USA media outlets) uses the gold medal counts to decide the winner– that’s the standard used by the IOC itself, and it’s always been the international standard. So in media throughout the world, the gold medal count is used for the rankings, except in a few places in the USA, which makes us look like a laughingstock, in denial.

    When we compare teams or athletes, we compile their rankings based on how many times they’ve won, not how many 2nd or 3rd place finishes they’ve had. (If we’re going to consider those, we’d also have to consider 4th, 5th, 6th place– why not consider Top 5? Top 10?).

    We should salute every Olympic athlete for a marvelous accomplishment.

    But the rankings are done exclusively on the basis of gold medals. Here’s just a short list of world media someone posted up:


    China is winning these Olympics period, and not only are the Chinese winning, they’re utterly crushing the USA– 39 gold medals for China to 22 gold medals for the USA. It’s not even close.

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