College Party Rules – Michael Luchies

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College Party Rules:  School is rapidly approaching as the summer comes to an end. As you fantasize about all the fun you will have it is important to keep things safe and to keep your life with as little drama as humanly possible for a college student. Here are several rules to live by while partying:

Turn Off Your Cell Phone: “Drunk dialing” has hurt too many college partiers and needs to stop. We have all been on both sides of these conversations and neither is pretty. They not only end relationships, they rekindle ones that we may not have wanted to relive. For unknown reasons to man the consumption of alcohol seems to bring with it the urge to call everyone in the consumer’s cell phone directory.

Stay Away From Your Friends Ex’s: This is a surefire way to cause some drama among your friends. If your friend has dated (we’ll say nothing under a month counts) someone in the past (We’ll also give a 3 year limit that this is in effect) then you must resist temptation. If your friend is anyone you care about in any capacity then you will respect them by staying away from their ex….unless they’re really hot…sorry we all slip sometimes but you have to resist this urge!

Know The Rules For the City/Campus: If you are partying on campus make sure you know your schools rules. Many schools are enforcing added penalties for any student caught drinking underage on campus, separate from fines and consequences from the police. Some areas allow drinking on porches and some do not allow any alcohol outside of a house. Just know the area, rules, and how strict the police are in that area.

They Didn’t Mean to Bump Into You!: The party/bar is packed and there is basically no where to move and someone bumps into and spills your drink. Even if you are suspicious just assume that is was a complete accident and walk away. There’s nothing party goers hate more then someone who starts a fight over a casual bump and drink spillage.

Don’t Bring “That Guy” or “That Girl” Along: We all have one friend who is “that guy” or “that girl”. The loud obnoxious friend who doesn’t shut up, or the flirt who hits on absolutely everything that walks, even the guys/girls who obviously have a girlfriend/boyfriend that is at the party. They also are the ones who like to start fights, steal from houses, and talk trash about all of their friends and ex’s. Make your night a little better by “forgetting” to tell your drama filled friends about the party.

Stay Away From High Places: Have you ever fallen during partying? Chances are you probably have. A fall on a living room floor won’t hurt quite as bad as a fall off of a 3rd floor balcony. Stay away from high places and large flights of stairs.

Don’t Go Near Traffic: This should be pretty loud and clear. If you are partying stay away from streets no matter how busy or vacant. A simple fall or friendly nudge can turn into tragedy in an instant when intoxicated and near a street.

Know Your Limits: If you’re saying “I’ve never had this much to drink before”, then you should probably stop immediately and grab a glass of water and a chair to sit down in. Don’t let your friends have to cut you off because you can no longer stand up! Also get in the habit of chugging as much water as possible before you hit the hay. As long as you wake up to relieve yourself this will save you from a wicked hangover and probably keep your dinner inside your stomach.

Know Who You Are Partying With: Partying with strangers is not a good idea no matter who you are. Make sure to at least have a buddy or two to avoid awkward and potentially dangerous situations. At every party there is someone looking to start trouble, and it’s easier to pick out one person to target then a whole group. One of your friends should know the host of the party or know a couple of close friends with the host.

Don’t Drive, Idiot: Have a plan. A friend who is responsible enough to pick you up or a taxi cab company’s phone number on speed dial will do just fine. And don’t use the excuse “I have to work in the morning and have to take my car home”. If you have to work in the morning then why are you out partying in the first place? Be responsible and don’t drive.

Be Safe: Just be safe and don’t do anything you will regret the next morning. Easier said then done. Make sure if you are sexually that you always bring protection. Don’t put yourself in a position where partying will decide your future. Know your limits, have a friend with you, and don’t drink and drive or drink and dial.


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