NBA Draft Winners

2008 NBA Draft winners and losers.  Winners include the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, Losers include the Detroit Pistons.


2 thoughts on “NBA Draft Winners

  1. I don’t think the pistons draft was that bad they traded a low first round draft pick DJ white for two second round draft picks but I think thats because they don’t have many roster spots left and want the second round draft picks to develop in Europe before coming back. On the Pistons website it says that why they didn’t draft Bill Walker because he said he wanted to play in the NBA this year. The Pistons are a veteran team and don’t need rookies anyways.

  2. Good point. I did like DJ White for the Pistons future though, they are looking for a change (according to Dumars) and an aggressive PF like White would have looked good on the roster.

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